All we need in this world is some love!!
So here we are! My name is Melanie,16,from Romania! This blog is totally dedicated to Adam Lambert,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,Rihanna and much more! I love good music,it's the only drug i need! #peace #love #music

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love them both

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May you rest in piece, Cory Monteith. (1982 - 2013)

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Many people lost one of their idols today. Reblog and add your idols. Let’s cherish the fact that they’re still with us.


even if they’re not alive, add them. let’s spread the love

  • Adam Lambert
  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Misha Collins
  • my cousin
  • a teacher of mine
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Shane Dawson
  • my dad
  • Darren Criss
  • Chris Colfer
  • My Mum
  • Jessie J
  • Ellie Goulding

ADAM..and my parents…and yeah,Chris Colfer :))

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"Sutan’s Everything" featuring Tommy Joe Ratliff" screencaps .

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"Once upon a time, in Hollywood California, I went to a thrifstore on Melrose called Wasteland and I was a really broke singer/song-writer and I was selling my clothes because you can go and like sell your clothes and they’ll give you a little bit of money and you can feel a little good about yourself except for every time you go to this thriftstore, they just reject your clothes and then you feel like all of your clothes suck and you feel like a loser. So, Katy Perry and I were both doing that attempting to sell our clothes they didn’t want to buy and we met in line and we kind of had heard of each other through the industry so I invited her to a barbecue and we just hit it off right off the bat." - Bonnie Mckee

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I’m not a fan of Glee, and am not emotionally invested in the characters or actors, but Cory’s death has seriously upset me. You do not have to be a fan to experience the pain. 

To everyone being affected by this, hang in there. Think of how great of a person he was and how much joy he’s brought to people. 

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Jessie J live @ iTunes Festival - 21/09/12

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